From the Chairman’s Desk

It all started with a vision to create a Global Pharmaceutical Company. We are working towards this goal with utmost enthusiasm and commitment. As a result, Lee Health Domain has successfully established itself as a trustworthy name in the pharmaceutical world.

Our Strengths:

We began creating natural healthcare products for human well-being. We are pioneering in the development of our current product line by combining our vast knowledge of formulation development with the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda. These products are extremely safe, natural, and do not contain any potentially harmful chemicals.

Our founding brands, Smoothwalk and Spinocart, were the first of their kind in India, laying the groundwork for Nutraceuticals to cultivate a portfolio of brands that stand for superior quality in the healthcare and wellness industry.

Way Ahead:

Lee Health Domain can expect changes, challenges, and opportunities in the future. To capitalize on these opportunities, we are making concerted and systematic efforts supported by expert and professional planning and implementation. In our pursuit of becoming a research-driven Indian pharmaceutical company operating on a global scale, we continue to acquire and develop winning strengths and capabilities.

We have gained momentum in each of these thrust areas in recent years, with significant gains in marketing, globalization and research - particularly in terms of developing critical capabilities for the challenges ahead. With this, we are all committed to discovering our true potential and overcoming obstacles on our way to reaching important milestones.

We are aware that much work remains to be done. Because of our early success, we have gained confidence, respect and credibility. Real work has begun, and we will see the results in the coming months and years.

Lee Health Domain will soon become a global pharmaceutical behemoth.

A.Venkata Reddy

Chairman/ MD 

Since its incorporation in 2012, Lee Health Domain has undergone various phases of transformation, consolidation, mergers and acquisitions….