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Lee Health Domain Launches Revolutionary Nutraceutical Product "Smoothwalk" in UAE

First product in nutraceutical segment from India to get approved in UAE, says the company

Hyderabad, India - November 3, 2023: Lee Pharma, a pioneering pharmaceutical company based in Hyderabad, has achieved a significant milestone by receiving Marketing Authorization for its flagship product, Bio-Cartilage Smoothwalk Tablets, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This remarkable achievement marks a historic moment for both the company and the Indian nutraceutical industry.

The Bio-Cartilage Smoothwalk Tablets are designed to provide joint support and have already gained widespread recognition in India for their effectiveness in the prevention and management of knee surgery and the relief of painful and progressive arthritis. Alla Leela Rani, the Director of Lee Pharma, expressed her enthusiasm for the product, stating, "We have observed that administration of Bio-Cartilage Smoothwalk Tablets in arthritis patients for 2 to 3 tablets a day is getting fast relief within 3 weeks from the pains. This improves lubrication, mobility, and flexibility in joints, which may help to avoid surgeries."

What makes Bio-Cartilage Smoothwalk Tablets stand out is its innovative composition of bio nutraceuticals, enriched with potent phyto nutrients that aim to prevent joint and connective tissue disorders. The product includes essential components such as collagen type II, natural eggshell membrane, Boswellia, and curcumin with vitamin D3, all of which primarily target joint and connective tissue disorders to increase cartilage in joints.

This pioneering product's success extends beyond India. It is already under registration in all Middle East and East Asian countries, with plans to file for marketing authorization in the United States in the second half of 2024, signifying Lee Pharma's global ambitions in the nutraceutical sector.

Lee Pharma's achievement in securing Marketing Authorization for Bio-Cartilage Smoothwalk Tablets in the UAE is particularly noteworthy because it marks the first time that a product in the nutraceutical segment from Lee Health Domain Pvt. (India) Ltd has received approval in this region. The company's dedication to quality and innovation has opened doors to new markets and international recognition.

Bio-Cartilage Smoothwalk Tablets are readily accessible to consumers through various channels, including online platforms like Amazon and the Lee Health Domain website (, as well as leading pharmacies across India. This availability ensures that those in need of joint support and relief from arthritis can easily access this revolutionary product.

In a world where the demand for effective, natural joint support solutions is on the rise, Lee Pharma's Bio-Cartilage Smoothwalk Tablets have proven to be a game-changer. As the product continues to gain recognition and make its way into global markets, Lee Pharma is well on its way to establishing a strong presence in the field of nutraceuticals and promoting healthier, pain-free lives for individuals around the world.

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