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Boswellia Serrata

Boswellia Serrata


Inflammation & pain


Digestive and Respiratory health


Antioxidant and Anti-cancer Effect


Menstrual Health


It is also known as Indian frankincense, and it has been used for centuries in Ayurveda, a traditional system of medicine in India

Do You Know

Boswellia serrata extract is derived from the resin of the Boswellia serrata tree, which has a spicy and woody aroma. Boswellia serrata extract is rich in boswellic acids, which are compounds that have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects

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Staying abreast of the ever-evolving landscape of science and nutrition, we consistently stay informed through ongoing research. Delve deeper into the specific vitamin and its evidence-based functions in the body by exploring the links below. Embrace the opportunity to immerse yourself in continuous learning!

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Menstrual Health - Research

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