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Accept This Challenge and Shed Pounds in Just 7 Days

This 7-day weight reduction challenge is just what you need to burn fat and trim down in the comfort of your own home. The exercises are intended to increase muscular activity and heart rate, both of which contribute to calorie burn. More movement means more calories burnt!


Level: Advance Days: 7 Duration: 10-30 mins


Day 1

Hello! We hope you enjoy the next week of your weight-loss challenge. We've compiled a list of training videos that we know will get you results. On Day 1, you will be introduced to the program and given access to beginner-friendly videos that will lead you through workouts that will help you build muscle, increase your cardiovascular endurance, and, most importantly, shed pounds. So, shall we?

Day 2

Today will be a continuation of the training from yesterday. Our focus in this intense circuit will be on the lower body and core strength.

Day 3

Today we focus on the core. . This abs workout takes 10 minutes, but it will help you burn additional calories while strengthening your core.

Day 4

Hello! The work you've done so far is fantastic. It is time to tone up! Improve your efforts right now. As the days go by, the situation will get increasingly tense. This session will focus on weight reduction and toning your entire body in 10 minutes. Go, then!

Day 5

Let's start our HIIT session over now that we know what to expect. In this intense training session, we will work to maintain a high heart rate throughout in order to maximize calorie burn.

Day 6

It's time to ramp up your efforts. We have successfully completed three 10-plus minute sessions in a row! Let's advance to the next round now. You can burn more calories in 20 minutes than you ever have before with this workout. If you want to lose weight and tone up, just follow along.

Day 7

You've come this far, so congratulations! This final session is a low-impact aerobic workout lasting 30 minutes. They will get you in better shape than ever before. This program is low-impact on your joints yet high-efficiency in its fat-burning effects. Enjoy!

Send us a message describing how the challenge made you feel.

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