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Strength Training Helps Bone Health for Vegans

It's possible that there are drawbacks to a plant-based diet, despite the many advantages. Bone fractures, especially in the hip, are more common among vegetarians and vegans, according to research published in 2020. Experts believe this may be related to the nutritional profile of a plant-only diet.

When the right proportion of nutrients is consumed from whole foods, vegan diets may positively affect health. However, if meals aren't carefully planned, people who follow this diet may not get enough calcium, vitamin D, and other bone-healthy nutrients.

New evidence suggests that vegetarians and vegans may experience weaker bones than those who consume a balanced diet that includes both plant and animal protein sources. However, consistent resistance training may mitigate these differences according to the study's findings.

Scientists advise those who follow a plant-based diet to also engage in regular resistance training in order to preserve bone health and strength, as this is not achieved solely through a healthy diet.

According to Joan Salge Blake, EdD, RDN, FAND, a nutrition professor at Boston University and the host of the nutrition and health podcast, Spot On!, healthy bones need other nutrients, including:

  • vitamin A (carrots, winter squash)

  • vitamin K (green leafy veggies)

  • magnesium (chickpeas, spinach)

  • phosphorus (beans, lentils, almonds)


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