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Lee Health Domain instils the values of Ayurveda and Natural Products.

Lee Health Domain participated in the all-women Entrepreneurs Exhibition organised by AP Chambers of Commerce & Industrial Federation at Visakhapatnam

The AP Chambers of Commerce and Industrial Federation organised a women-only exhibition titled "Angadi" - under its Women Wing. More than 30 exhibitors took part in the exhibition.

Smt. Leela Rani Alla, Chairperson, Women Wing, spoke about the Women Wing of the AP Chambers of Commerce & Industrial Federation Visakhapatnam in her address. She explained that the exhibition's main goal is to provide a marketing and promotion platform for women who run micro businesses. She went on to say that such forums allow exhibitors to open up and talk about their products with prospective customers, which improves their market outlook, understanding, and communication skills.

Smt. Roja Selvamani, Member of the Legislative Assembly, praised APCC&IF for the initiative and praised the women entrepreneurs' efforts. She also encouraged the creation of more such platforms involving rural women and assisting them in connecting with urban entrepreneurs and markets.

Smt. G Hari Venkata Kumari, Mayor of Visakhapatnam, praised the women's wing for its efforts in creating an environment and providing guidance that will allow women entrepreneurs to flourish and grow.

Lee Health Domain participated in the Exhibition by providing free bone strength analysis and raising awareness of nutraceutical and herbal products.

Ayurveda, Charak Samhita, and some of the Vedas and Puranas are the foundations of Indian medical science. It has a much longer history than curative medical science. Nonetheless, it is considered alternative medicine and does not receive adequate attention from consumers, regulators, and policymakers. Because the Covid-19 world has demonstrated the importance of preventive measures, discussions about natural nutrients have taken centre stage around the world. According to research, the global demand for nutritional products has increased significantly.

Lee Health Domain has been a pioneer in the development of novel Nutraceutical and Herbal products to address Bone and Joint Health, Spine Health, Skin, Hair, Nail Health, and Immunity. It has a variety of unique herbal compositions for general health issues such as colds, coughs, and pains.

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