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Lee Health Domain Joins Hands with JCI to Empower Fluentgrid Employees with Knowledge on Bone Health

May is the month of Arthritis Awareness.

We are delighted to share with you that we recently conducted an event in association with JCI Vizag Steel City at Fluentgrid Limited in Visakhapatnam. The event was called "Smoothwalk - Bone and joint health awareness for All", which was aimed at creating awareness about the importance of maintaining good bone and joint health.

Since May is Arthritis Awareness Month, we felt it was the perfect time to raise awareness about this condition, which affects millions of people worldwide. The event was attended by 67 employees of Fluentgrid Limited.

During the event, we conducted bone density checks and provided free consultations with the doctors. An awareness session on bone health and nutrition, which was informative and beneficial for everyone who attended. The yoga instructor demonstrated a few yoga asanas to help reduce the strain on the spine and eyes while working long hours at the desk.

We recognize that employees in the technology industry are prone to prolonged hours of sitting in front of a computer, which can be detrimental to their bone and joint health as well as eyes. This is why we organized the event to promote healthy practices, such as yoga and proper nutrition, that can help prevent and manage bone and joint-related issues.

Sincere thanks to Mr. Winston S K Adams, the Vice President - Corporate Affairs of Fluentgrid, Mr. Ravi Kanth Reddy, Senior Manager at Fluentgrid for supporting this event. We hope to continue working together to promote good health and well-being in the workplace.

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