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National Dietetics Day is celebrated at Lee Pharma Ltd family

Theme for Dietetics Day 2023 is Mighty millets & 3As (Availability, Accessibility & Affordability) for sustainable development

Promoting good health and well-being in the community, Lee Pharma Ltd and its subsidiary Lee Health Domain Pvt(I) Ltd celebrated National Dietetics Day at their respective units.

Millet is an amazing traditional crop that has a lot of nutritional value. Millets can play an important role and contribute to the collective efforts to empower smallholder farmers, achieve sustainable development, eliminate hunger, adapt to climate change, promote biodiversity, and transform agri-food systems. Some examples of millets include the pearl, proso, foxtail, barnyard, small, Kodo, browntop, finger, and Guinea millets, as well as the fonio, sorghum (or large millet), and teff.

Lee Pharma organised Millet cuisine recipe competitions and awareness seminars on Millet in their separate units and the community, with the help of dietitians. Millet was the main ingredient in a lot of the traditional Indian dishes that were on show. The contest's winners received recognition and prizes for their efforts.

Lee Health Domain partnered with Junior Chamber International (JCI) and launched a project " Miracle with Millets" awareness sessions on the nutritional and health benefits of millet consumption, the suitability of millets for cultivation under adverse and changing climatic conditions, and the development of sustainable and innovative market opportunities for the local communities, to the mutual benefit of farmers and consumers worldwide.

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