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Vasa Tulsi Plus Is Now More Effective with Thyme and Primula

With Thymus and Primula added to the Vasa Tulsi Plus is now renamed as "Vasa Tulsi Thymus Plus".

LEE HEALTH DOMAIN has launched a novel Herbal Cough Syrup under the Brand Name “VASA TULSI” with THYMUS PLUS Syrup in 100 ml Bottles.

“VASA TULSI” with THYMUS PLUS is formulated with clinically proven herbs like Thymus, Primula root, and flower extractions in combination with Taleesapatra, Vasa, Tulsi, Sunthi, Pudina, Laung, and other useful herbal ingredients. Thymus and Primula are prime ingredients that act as expectorants for cough associated with the common cold. Further “VASA TULSI” with THYMUS PLUS relaxes the bronchial muscles and helps to expel the mucus from the bronchi to get relief from cough and chest congestion. “VASA TULSI” with THYMUS PLUS also helps to relieve breathlessness by widening the airways, says Director, Mrs. Leela Rani.

VASA TULSI” with THYMUS PLUS is made available in all pharmacies in the two states, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, and in Amazon as well as on the website


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